Whiskey Master Classes

For all you Whiskey sippers out there this class is a must. What's included

  • Takes in 5 different Whiskeys

  • The distillation processes and history

  • And of course the tastings

  • Minimum of 2 people

Both Masterclasses run for an hour and finish off with some shared antipasto platters for you to enjoy by the bar. 
These Masterclasses are all about having some light-hearted fun, learning (perhaps a little bit) and sampling some mighty fine drinks. 

Cocktail Master Classes

Try your hand at shaking and stirring some cocktails at Coal & Cedar. 

Learn how to free pour, shake and present cocktails in your very own private Masterclass. These ain't no cocktails from the 80's, think more along the lines of a Negroni, Amaretto Sour and a Classic Daiquiri.  What's included:

  • A beer or sparkling wine on arrival

  • Learn to make & drink 3 class cocktails, a completely hands on experience

  • Create your own signature cocktail for the competition finale

  • Shared antipasto platters with an apple hooch

  • Minimum of 2 people